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Murphy Bed Removal

  • Murphy Bed services will visit your home or business upon scheduling in advance for removal of your bed
  • We will do removal of your murphy bed completely (uninstall)
  • If necessary we will remove your bed to another room, house or deliver it to your new site of choice.
  • After removal we will then reinstall it at its new destination.
  • Whether your murphy bed is new or used we can remove, uninstall, deliver and reinstall.
  • Most common reasons for removal of a murphy bed is moving to a new home, selling of murphy bed,
  • removal for prepping room due to changing flooring, removal when home gets flooded and now there is water damage.
  • Removal when installing a new murphy bed or reconfiguring room to add more cabinets to the murphy bed.

Bed Removals

Our services to you when removing a murphy bed is
prompt and accurate upon scheduling. We can normally
reinstall your murphy bed in the same day of removal.

Otherwise if you specify you want delivery at a later date
upon rescheduling our services.

Murphy bed removals consists of many parts.

We make sure we handle every piece with care. Even if your murphy bed is new or old, we put blankets on everything. We strap down all of your cabinetry and protect all of the delicate parts. So if your going to remove your murphy bed, let the professionals do it.
It will be worth your family's safety.

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